Little Miss Sunshine

Topics: Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin, Family Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Little Miss Sunshine is a film about how families are always there for each other no matter how dysfunctional their family may be. Released in July of 2006, the film is directed by a husband and wife team, Jonathan Dayton and Vanessa Faris. The directors do a terrific job of keeping their audience engaged and amused throughout the film. The main character of the movie is a young seven year old girl named Olive Hoover, played by Abigail Breslin. Olive has always had a dream of being in a beauty pageant. One day her dream came true, when she was accepted into a beauty pageant in California. Due to certain situations in the family, all family members are forced to indulge on this journey to California with Olive. Having completely different personalities, each family member creates comical conflicts between characters. From this story of family bonds, viewers will realize as long as you strive for something you truly love, your family will be behind you whether you win or lose. The family of Olive has many different quirks, from drug attics to suicidal members, nothing seemed right in Olive’s mind. Richard and Sheryl are the parents of Olive. Putting together s nine step plan to success, Richard thinks he is a brilliant. His family members and others around him consider him a complete loser. Frank, Sheryl’s brother is going through depression and suicidal thoughts due to a recent break up with his former boyfriend. Being forced to live with a family member who can watch over him, Frank has to stay in Paul’s room, Olive’s brother. Paul decided that being a jet pilot for the Nietzsche is the only thing he wants in life, everything else is absolutely stupid. For over a year he hasn’t spoken one word, using pen and paper to communicate with the outside world. This dysfunctional family would begin embarking on a cross country adventure that will change their lives forever. In Little Miss Sunshine, the film helps render the themes of family...
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