Little Manhattan

Topics: Childhood, Girl, Adolescence Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: March 10, 2013
1. What are the characteristics?
In the movie one of the characteristics shown by one of the main character, Gabe was disobeying his parents by going beyond the nine-blocks between their house. He was punished by not letting him watch television, use the telephone and was not allowed to go out within 48 hours. Also both of the main character Gabe and Rosemary learned certain essential skills, both curricular and extracurricular. Achievement drive was also shown in the movie through the sport Karate wherein both Gabe and Rosemary learned. Interests in play were also shown in the movie by engagement in social interaction through sports and other recreational activities.

2. Describe the emotional patterns.
A lot of emotions were shown in this movie. Affection was mostly shown in this movie through Gabe’s love for Rosemary. Things went right at first but at the end they realized that they were too young to have relationship. This infatuation with Rosemary causes Gabe many emotional mood-swings. Not the least of which comes when they practice at his house and he must introduce her to his parents. He also gets very jealous when a new boy in karate class replaces him as Rosemary's partner. Gabe was also very angry and envious at the same time when he failed to have a yellow belt to bring back his partner. He stayed all night at his room crying and shouting because of anger.

3. What are the interests developed?
Gabe was interested with his appearance and looks in this movie through having a haircut. Interest in school was shown a little in this movie but nonacademic aspects of school shown up. They also became interested in socioeconomic status by finding an apartment for Gabe’s father when the time comes if his parents will be divorced.

4. Describe the personality of the characters or the kids in the late childhood stage.
Independence was greatly portrayed in the movie through finding apartments and strolling by the town alone. Gabe is a happy and...
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