Little League Baseball

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  • Published : June 12, 2012
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Phase Two, Individual Project
Rob Gibbons
Colorado Technical University Online
SOC 215-1202B-07
June 3, 2012

Baseball is what many people call, “America’s Sport.” Many enjoy setting in front of their television, with a bag of chips and a cold drink while they watch their favorite professional team. People become fans for different reasons; some enjoy being outside, hanging out with friends or eating a stadium hot dog. There is a group of people that find baseball to be more than that. For them it brings them back to a time of playing with their “buddies,” going to get ice cream after the big win or maybe it’s memory of playing baseball when they were young, because after all little league baseball, is first and foremost meant to be fun. Baseball as we know it has progressed over the years from two games that came from England, cricket and rounders. U.S. citizens have been playing variations of these games sense the revolutionary war. In the 1840s, New Yorker Alexander Joy Cartwright and his acquaintances played a game they called "base ball." The game was very similar to what we know today (“History of Little League,” 2010) as baseball. In the years that followed, and in various places around the country, teams and clubs for adult men were created, leagues were formed, all of which were building blocks for professional baseball. It wasn’t until the late 1930’s that the same opportunities were created for pre-teen boys. Carl Stotz, who many refer to as the founder of little league baseball, started a three team league in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Stotz raised money by recruiting local businessmen to be sponsors, acquired equipment and uniforms for the boys and started three teams. On June 6, 1939, on a field he laid out himself, Lundy Lumber beat Lycoming Dairy, 23-8, and Little League baseball was born (Thomas, 1992). Since then, little league baseball has grown in popularity and now is played by young boys and girls all over the world Little league...
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