Little Falls Hospital

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Little Falls Hospital

The National Patient Safety Goals are mandated by The Joint Commission. These goals have been formed through years of monitoring patient error reports and near misses of incidents. These are meant to protect the patient and also to reduce litigation for hospitals and staff. Every few years, there will be evidence that certain safety measures are being neglected and will be added to the list of goals for measuring by staff. In 2012, The Joint Commission added catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Each facility will need to set up a plan to monitor patient with indwelling catheters and report the data to The Joint Commission ( In 2002, the first patient safety goals were established. Although some take an extra few minutes of time for the hospital staff, they prevent many serious accidents and/or injuries for patients. Identifying a patient in two ways reduces the possibility of giving the wrong drug or treatment to a patient. Elderly patients will often agree to the question of, what is your name. Even patient who have had medication might do the same thing. Now the provider must have two ways that only the patient can verbalize correctly to receive medication or a blood transfusion. Communication is important in making sure test results are reported on time. A physician should know about important indicators to care for a patient especially if they are critical values. If a lab technician reports this information to a nurse, the nurse must find the provider to report critical or life threatening values. Communication is also essential in safe medication administration. Never assume that a medication is given a certain way if the route is not recorded. If the person giving medications is not sure about the packaging or delivery mode, then it should be returned to the pharmacy. Always call the provider to verify an order for medication.

The Joint...
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