Little Enough or Too Much

Topics: Utilitarianism, Recycling, Ethics Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Case Study: Little Enough or Too Much

Disposal of chemical or factory waste in waters is considered harmful regardless of the amount being dispose. Case Study: Little Enough or Too Much describes the ethical dilemma that an employee had experience regarding an environmental issue. X Chemical company had created a new lubricant which was consider to have an overall reduce selling price and would also benefit the company tremendously since its financial performance was only satisfactory for the past several quarters. Bryan an employee of X Chemical was responsible to manage the construction of a production plant which will be used to produce this new lubricant. The production plant is situated near the river and X Company had already obtained permission to dump waste into the river, but it was later discover that X Company was given permission to dispose of additional waste which was not previously expected. This fact made Bryan very unease because, other factories were dumping their waste into the same river, and X chemical had the opportunity to reduce the amount of waste disposed. The initial design of the production plant had include an additional process department which would have reduced waste and reuse some materials but was later drop because it would have increased cost, although the company claim openly, they were committed to protect the environment from dangerous substance. Bryan fare the excess waste disposed will cause trouble for the company in the near future, and had spoken to his supervisor Bill Gates who offered no assistance in the situation, and only warned Bryan about inviting unwanted attentions on the company. The moral issue to be argued in this case is that the company stated openly, they were was committed to protect the environment from harmful substance and yet they were reluctant to take action when the time came. I strongly oppose with the company’s actions because they failed to build the additional processing department...
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