Little Caesar's Pizza Bookstore Management System

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  • Published : May 14, 2005
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The purpose of this document is to determine the requirements for Little Caesar's Bookstore Management system. It also describes all the subsystems that constitute the functioning of this system and their interrelationships.


This document portrays, in full context, the requirements for developing the specific BMS solution. As such, it represents an important guideline and a complete reference for the upcoming phase of software development and idea generation. By applying a process that leads to a high-quality result, the needs of the people who use the product will be met. Moreover, this document will act as the basis for validating the final complete product in compliance with the owner's demands. When erecting such a framework, the basis of all the work must be robust yet malleable in order to perform any changes of the end product. For these changes to be put into effect, the client must have prior knowledge and be the direct final decision maker.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

- BMS: Bookstore Management System
- DBMS: Database Management System

-Reel, J.S, "Critical Success Factors in Software Projects", IEEE Software, May 1999, pp. 18-23.

Overview of Project

An overall general description of the bookstore management system will be provided. This also includes an in-depth analysis about the actual product that will be developed, the various functions of the bookstore, and the general characteristics of the users of the system as well as the constraints that must be considered throughout the development process. The specific requirements will provide an in-depth coverage of every sub-system discussing its functional and non-functional characteristics of the system. Furthermore, when discussing the functional and non-functional aspects basic operations and constraints will be touched upon respectively.

Product Perspective

Software is considered as the cornerstone in our workplace. This is due to the...
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