Little Black Dress

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Dressed in Black
A classic is something that has a tendency to stick around when other trends die out. Every woman’s wardrobe has an essential little black dress, and it has become an epitome of timeless fashion. A little black dress is an evening or cocktail dress cut simply and often quite short.

The classic black dress has been around for a great while now, it has never gone out of style. Fashion historians ascribe the origins of the little black dress to the 1920’s design of Coco Chanel. It was intended to be neutral, long-lasting, affordable, versatile, and accessible to the widest market possible, it is often simply referred to as “LBD”. Many woman and fashion lovers, believe it’s a rule that every woman own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on what you’re attending. The little black dress is simple and accessible for woman of all classes which is why it’s timeless.

Two woman that come to mind when thinking of the little black dress are Betty Boop and Audrey Hepburn. Betty boop is a cartoon character known as the “it girl”, in her early films Betty boop was drawn wearing a little black dress, although with Technicolor betty’s dress became red. Another popular film “Breakfast at Tiffanys”, Audrey Hepburn wore a little black dress, dressed up with a pearl necklace, this style was often seen throughout the 1960’s and still seen today. The black dress is perfect for numerous occasions and events, which is why it’s so popular. Whether you’re heading off to a class reunion or going to a Christmas party this dress is a no-fail option. When looking for a black dress you should look for details that flatter your shape. You can choose from many different styles and designers. Show off great shoulders with a strapless dress, choose a length from mini to right below the knee to show off a little more leg. This dress is so versitle and fun to mix and match accessories and jewlry with. I think that’s what...
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