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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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A. In the Story “The Maiden with a Wooden Bowl,” a Japanese folktale. It is a simple story about a maiden who endowed with the charm and beauty. She is an only child and her mother is already old. Soon she is going to die. To leave her alone troubles her so much for her daughter is beautiful. The foreshadowing of her predicament prompts the mother to place a lacquered bowl upon the maiden’s head in order to hide her appearance as shown on the following line: “always wear it; little one for it will protect you when I’m gone.” The maiden displays patience despite the cruel treatment she receives from the people in the community. She is also industrious and very hard-working in the performance of her tasks in the rice fields. The farmer notices her diligence that she is taken in as a servant in his house. It is shown in several instances the decision of farmer’s on to marry the maiden with or without the bowl; the falling of the precious stones, he gold and silver from the broken bowl during the marriage ceremony, and most of all, when they see her and are all surprised that she is the most beautiful woman in Japan. The sudden revelation, the moment of recognition of the character’s personality and appearance makes the reader, as well as the people who condemned her, change their insights, opinions and dispositions in life.

B.”Love of Country” by Andres Bonifacio
Andres Bonifacio was one of the patriots who lived and died for the cause of liberty. He was a fighter not only with a sword (he led the first “cry” against Spanish tyranny in Balintawak) but also with his pen, as shown in this poem about love of country. “Epilogue: Unknown Soldiers” by Carlos Bulosan

Through this poem show us how to understand we should never give up in a problem or bitter struggle for a better life, so that we will reach the tender light of the day; like “whom in the spring the flowers will teach to grow with the changing seasons”. C.
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