Litigation and Alternatives

Topics: Appeal, Dispute resolution, Court Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Litigation and Alternatives

America has come a long way since the American colonies settled from where humanity was to where humanity is now. We did not have the law system that we have now and issues were unresolved that turned into chaos. From law courts, chancery courts, to merchant courts, there are several categories of courts. Those that we separate are Federal and State Courts. Federal Courts take over foreign and interstate commerce that entail of U.S. District Courts, U.S. Court of Appeals, and U.S. Supreme Courts. State courts take over state legislatures that include State Supreme Courts, Appellate Courts, Trial Courts, and Lower Courts. Living in society today, we will have different views and different perceptions. We will either at one time come to face litigation or some type of ADR matter. With this being said, litigation, and alternatives will fall into place at least one point in one's life. This is part of what both parties, as mentioned in the video will face. A company called “Quick Takes” tried out a program to help build their business to grow. Incidentally, the program Non Linear Pro did not quite work out for Quick Takes. Thankfully Quick Takes had been under the impression that Non Linear Pro was a trial. Under any circumstances had Quick Takes been under the assumption that Non Pro Linear had been a permanent program that had been purchased. Soon to discover a bill of 5,000.00 was sent to Quick Takes. Quick Takes immediately contacted Non Linear Pro and advised that the bill had been invalid. Both parties had a verbal agreement of trying out the product as a trial. Although there may had been a verbal agreement, Quick Takes unknowingly signed a contract thought to be a delivery slip signed by Janet Mason. Non Linear Pro stated that the lease had been signed and if Quick Takes did not cooperate, then Non Linear Pro would create a lawsuit. So to name some of the legal issues that the two parties could face are arbitration,...
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