Lithuanian Consumers Behavior

Topics: Lithuania, Consumer theory, European Union Pages: 4 (875 words) Published: April 2, 2011
30% of population finished higher education, what is twice more than European average. Lithuania is second European country in the ranking of secondary educated people. 50% of lithuanians speak two foreign languages.


Lithuanian consumer behavior strongly depends on the place of living. Countryside consumers are economical ones, their priority are Lithuanian products, as they want to support the economy of the Lithuania, but they value the quality to the price. What is related to the promotion they prefer ecological, qualitative and Lithuanian products, unlike capital customers are more loyal to modern products, what is related to the small towns and village habitants their priority is price along with the quality. All in all Lithuanians tend to orientate to the quality and Lithuanian production products(what mostly show last years researches), they used to think, analyze before the purchase. More than a half of the consumers are open-minded towards innovations, but are skeptical towards promotion, as think that a really good product doesn’t need any special advert.


People who find it important that the food products are produced in Lithuania


Approximately 80% of Lithuanian consumers find it important that the food products are produced in Lithuania. Younger people are more eager to try foreign products, while people between 50 and 59 years old give the greatest preference to domestic products. Lithuanian consumers believe that domestic food has familiar taste, is fresh, with less preservatives and with reliable quality.

That only the one point of the view, which describes Lithuanian consumption behavior in stable situation of the country, but in the face of recent economic downturn, both consumer status and expectations concerning employment, income, products and services and prices influence consumer beliefs and behaviour. Due to decreased income and caution to be more responsible with spending,...
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