Literture Review

Topics: High school, College, Secondary education Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Literature Review

Recently, more and more university students, even secondary school students have been included into the labor force. Since the duty of students should be placing schooling as the first priority, it has been quite a concern that teachers and parents wonder if working would affect academic result. In this literature review, the main focus is all about the relationship between having part-time jobs and the academic result at school.

The article is “Academic Achievement and Part-Time Employment of High School Students” from Lillydah. A lot of people think that students having part-time jobs might affect their concentration and efforts on study. But she provided literature mentioning that the common thoughts might be wrong because there is a possibility of an opposite effect. In the beginning of her literature, she mentioned that employment and academics in some circumstances may be complementary, and high school employment may, in fact, foster behavior or traits in students that lead to academic success. Some employers may reward and reinforce the same traits or values as teachers. Thus, the type of employment may also be an important factor. Nevertheless, after collecting data and analyzing the result, Lillydah found out that there is a regression results between having part-time jobs and academic result at school. She used GPA as the dependent variable, one finds that modest levels of employment for high school students may not interfere with student academic performance. Working does not have a direct effect on a student's performance on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), although there may be an indirect effect via GPA. Not surprisingly, students who work in excess fifteen to twenty hours per week are absent more often from school, spend less time on homework, and have lower GPAs.

This article concluded the relationship having part-time jobs would lower the academic result at school. However, her research covered only SAT and TEL as...
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