Literature vs Informational Text

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Difference, United States Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Literature vs. informational Text Did you know that informational texts are more accurate than literature texts? In literature it haves less information unlike informational text that includes more information. Also in literature the purpose is to entertain/engage and in informational it’s to inform/educate. Another difference it that the tone for literature can take several tones and it haves different word choice and in information text it haves a more formal tone and the word choice is elevated. Last of all they both provide information on a historical moment. Even though learning history through literature and informational text has some similarities and differences, informational texts are more accurate than literature texts.Learning history through literature text is different from learning it through informational text. The audience in literature text is more of a wider age group for example the Rosa Parks book, can be read by children and adults. The purpose of the Rosa Parks book is to entertain/engage the reader in her history of standing up to racism. The information on that historical moment was that it was focused on one character and it states that Rosa Parks didn’t want to move because she was tired and her feet ached, the facts in that story weren’t all true. The tone in Rosa Parks starts off mellow then it gets to rage when she talks about boycott. Learning history through informational text is different from learning it through literature text. The audience in informational text is a narrower age group such as the Declaration of Independence, which is more for adults, who comprehend the document. The purpose of the Declaration of Independence is to inform the people how we got our Independence. The information on that historical moment is that it included dates and facts, all the facts on that document were all true. The tone on the document was more serious and the word choice was more elevated. Therefore learning history...
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