Literature Timeline

Topics: England, Henry David Thoreau, United States Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Date| Literary Period| Authors/Works|
800-400 BC| This period was dominated by Homer and other Greek tragedians| The Iliad and The Odyssey by HomerOedipus the King by SophoclesMedea by Euripedes | 250 BC - AD 150| Writers of the Roman Empire are most noted in this time period|  Famous authors from this period: Virgil, Horace, and Ovid | 450-1066 | Old English (Anglo-Saxon) Period|  Beowulf   The rise of haiku poetry       Tale of Genji by Japanese writer Murasaki Shibiku (written around the year 1000)                                    | 1066-1500| Middle English Period|  Persian poet Rumi (1207-73)Petrarch, Italian writer, inventor of the sonnet (1304 -74)                  The Divine Comedy by Dante, Italian writer (1307-1321)The Decameron by Italian writer Boccacio (1313-75) The Canterbury Tales (1387-1400) by Geoffrey Chaucer, British writer (1343-1400)                                                   1450- Invention of the printing press                             | 1500-1660| The Renaissance558-1603 Elizabethan Age1603- 1625  Jacobean Age1625 - 1649 Caroline Age1649 - 1669 Commonwealth Period |  Francois Rabelais, French writer (1490-1553)Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, British writer (1564-93)William Shakespeare, British poet and playwright (1564-1616)             Ben Johnson, British author (1572-1637)John Donne, British poet (1572-1631)The Faerie Queen (1589) by Edmund Spenser, British poet1599 The Globe Theatre built                                     Don Quixote (1605-1615) by Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish writerAndrew Marvel, British poet (1621-78)Henry Vaughan, British poet (1621-95) Paradise Lost (1667) by John Milton, British author (1608-74)                   | 1660-1785 |  The Neoclassical Period1660-1700 The Restoration1700-1745 The Augustan Age (Age of Pope)1650-1750 Puritan/Colonial Literature (America)|  Tartuffe (1664) by French writer Moliere (1622-73)Alexander Pope (1688-1744), British...
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