Literature Survey - Water Crisis

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  • Published : September 21, 2009
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Barlow, Maude February 25, 2008 *The* Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water Foreign Policy in Focus, A disturbing article by Maude Barlow, which pertains to the building tension between countries, regions, etc. in,regards to shared water sources. She highlights the possibilities of issues arising from disagreements in the use and treatment of water sources. Amster, Randall March 10, 2009 Water, Water Everywhere? Sustaining Scarce Resources in the Desert AlterNet This article is very disturbing, as it paints a grim picture of how the world will look if we do not gain control of the water scarcity issue. It outlines the concept of organizations privatizing water sources, water wars and worse… Quinn, James August 27, 2009 Global Fresh Water Crisis, Peak Water The Market Oracle, Financial Markets Analysis This article discussesthe water crisis in a fresh and interesting way. I appreciated the comparison to petroleum products as it gives one a definitive idea as to the importance of water, the growth in demand for water, its misuse and how we might be able to make a difference in the crisis. Blethen, J. August 27, 2009 Manufactured Water Crisis Heliogenic Climate Change This article brings up the idea that the water crisis in at least some states is a “manufactured” crisis. Specifically that through the overuse of environmental laws, we have caused restrictions; which effectively cause a water crisis. This of course doesn’t explain all water crises globally, therefore is a regional concept at best. Grabow, Travis August 31, 2009 Joint panel to advise on water issues Yuma Sun This article focuses on water issued affecting Arizona as well as the state’s legislature’sefforts to curtail problems from getting out of hand. It outlines priority issues and options to address them and is very proactive in nature. I commend them for the efforts to deal with this important issue. Campbell, Kate September 2, 2009 Pressure builds on Washington for water action California Farm Bureau Federation Yet another article that highlights how environmental and wildlife laws and restrictions are affecting the water crisis. This article is targeted more towards California water issues, however; also stresses the global impact of water crisis. I definitely would agree that more discussions should be had on possible compromises between the need for environment protection of habitat and wildlife and water resource usage. Fernando, Vincent August 23, 2009 Remember The Water Crisis? It’s Getting Worse Business Insider An interesting article on how the water crisis is solvable by utilizing the right infrastructures and market mechanisms. Specifically, it delves into water resources being a marketable commodity; which should be handled as such. I don’t see how this could be a fix for all regions as you will have those that can’t “pay”, who will still be in a crisis. This to me would create a situation that could be very volatile as water is a mandatory item for human existence. Delaney, Joan December 2, 2008 Global Crisis Worsening The Epoch Times This article shows how many cultures are on the verge of a severe water shortage, which will cause global repercussions. It explains how in our fear of impending famine of the past that we created quick crops, which inadvertently require large amounts of water resources. This is one of many ways that we as humans exacerbate the water crisis and it is affecting the globe, not just one region. Katz, Barry August 26, 2009 Water crisis? What water crisis? The Future is Green This article brings up the point that the media is not putting enough effort into educating the public on the current water issues the world is experiencing. It highlights on the general public is barely aware if at all that there is a problem at all. One suggestion it makes is that by educating the public, we...
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