Literature Study of Hotel Reservation System

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The Terms of Reference (TOR)

1. The following details are to be included in the TOR’s cover page: * Course Code and Name
* Heading ‘Project Terms of Reference’
* Group Name
* Group Members Name and ID
* Project Title
* Supervisor’s Name

2. The following details are to be included in the TOR:
a. Project Title:
* Give your project a short, clear title that identifies the main subject of the project. This is a working title and can be changed if necessary.

b. Background to Project:
* This is one of the most important sections of your TOR by providing an overview of the project. After reading this portion of the TOR, the reader should know what would be involved in undertaking the project. * It should describe the ‘context’ of the proposed project and answer the question of ‘WHY?’ * The application area and the computing aspects of the product must be made clear. * A good place to start for this section is to describe the problem domain you will be working in. Indicate why the work will be interesting, why it is useful and to whom. * Summarise the nature of the product you intend to produce. * Include a brief description of the work involved in carrying out the project. Bring out the technical aspects as well as the general processes by describing the skills you have to exhibit and/or learn, the computing technologies to be used and why, and what areas or questions will you need to investigate. * You should have done a fair amount of reading about the area, to put your ideas into context and ensure that the project idea is valid and viable. * You should also reference the work you have used in your research.

c. Aims of the Project:
* This is an overall statement of what the project is intended to accomplish. This is normally express in terms relating to the project and NOT personal achievement. *...
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