Literature Review Summary

Topics: Broadband Internet access, Internet, Broadband Pages: 8 (2886 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Research Title:
Feasibility Study of High-Speed Broadband Deployment for Medium Density Population Area in Malaysia. Research Objective:
To investigate the most optimize solution in deploying high-speed broadband internet for an area with medium density population in Malaysia. Research Question:
1. What is the market demand for high-speed broadband services at medium density population area? 2. What is the most suitable package to be offered for the high-speed broadband services? 3. What is the most optimize solution in-terms of technology and cost for the deployment at medium density population area? 4. Is there any new emerging technology that will replace the existing one? 5. What is the Return of Investment (ROI) for high-speed broadband service to be offered at medium density population area?

Research Title: Feasibility Study of High Speed Broadband Deployment for Medium Density Population Area in Malaysia. Ref| Title| Year| Name| Methodology| Result| Comments| 1| Broadband Access in Korea: Experience and future Perspective| 2003| Yong-Kyung Lee and Dongmyun Lee| 1. Research work is based on descriptive study. 2. A comparative approach was used to identify the relevant technologies suitable to be deployed.| 1. The paper previews Korea Telecom experience in deploying broadband internet access in Korea and the future technology consideration. 2. Technology comparison was presented in this paper comparing between various internet access technology such as ADSL, VDSL and FTTC/H. 3. Due to the demand growth of higher broadband speed and applications to be delivered with the internet service, this paper also covers the issue of Quality of Services (QoS) that involves proper network planning and also the demand for seamless connectivity which involves wireless/mobile internet.| 1. The study was considering the attribute factor within Korea which need to be evaluated further if were to apply in Malaysia. 2. It shows that with the right technology, broadband internet access will be able to be deployed with a controllable cost. 3. The study would be more comprehensive if it was supported with a more quantitative model with data from consumer.| 2| Understanding Broadband Adoption in Rural Australia| 2011| Sally Rao Hill, Barry Burgan, Indrit Troshani| 1. A computer-aided telephone survey was conducted to collect data to validate the proposed model in rural Australia. 2. The questionnaire for the survey contained 45 questions which then were divided into 2 categories: a. MCQ capturing demographic variables (i.e. age, gender, education, income and internet usage patterns). b. Seven point Likert-scale questions that were designed to look into issues related to broadband adoptions.| 1. The paper looks into the broadband adoption in rural Australia which the data gathered was done through a telephone survey in Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. 2. From the study, it is discovered that relative advantage, utility outcomes and facilitating conditions play a crucial in explaining broadband adoption behaviour amongst rural Australian households. 3. The challenges for the party involved in promoting broadband adoptions in this area are also explained which mainly due to socio-economics factors. | 1. The paper cited various reference which not only focusing on Australia scenario which makes it more comprehensive and comparable (Dwidevi et al – United Kingdom scenario, Lee and Choudrie – Korea scenario). 2. With a total of 323 respondents (represent 20.2% of Yorke Peninsula population) completed the survey, the analytical result can be considered as realistic to present the broadband market for rural area in this context.| 3| Development of a Survey Instrument to Examine Consumer Adoption of Broadband| 2006| Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Jyoti Choudrie, Willem-Paul Brinkman| A survey research approach was done to achieve overall aim and following 3...
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