Literature Review - Representation of Women in Walt Disney Cartoon Characters.

Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, Michael Eisner Pages: 10 (3358 words) Published: September 25, 2010
Literature Review
Study of representation of women in Walt Disney Cartoon Characters.

Title: Study of representation of women in Walt Disney Cartoon Characters.

Introduction: As long as there have been civilizations, there have been stories, myths that are told to children. These stories are usually the basis of the cartoons characters except some which are from creator’s imagination. This story telling is a means of not only comforting and amusing a child, but of teaching the child the societal norms of their nation. These are memorized by children and remembered forever. Children idolize their favourite character, the character they have most in common with and are best able to identify with, and try to emulate that character’s actions. From these fairy tales children learn proper etiquette and the role they should play in society. What actions are good and what actions are bad are clearly displayed. However, this imparting of knowledge through tales can be used to manipulate and brainwash children into continuing the dominance of a group. Also the representation of certain group can change the outlook, the behaviour and way of thinking of a group. One group that is represented in such a way in fairy tales and cartoon characters are women

▪ Representation
▪ Woman
▪ Walt Disney
▪ Cartoons

‘Representation means using language to say something meaningful about, or to represent, the world meaningfully, to other people.’[1] It is an essential part of the process by which meaning is produced and exchanged between members of a culture. It does involve use of language, of signs and image which stand for or represent things.

‘Woman’ - an adult human female[2]

The Walt Disney Company also known simply as Disney is the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world. Founded on October 16, 1923 by brothers Walt Disney and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the company was reincorporated as Walt Disney Productions in 1929.

Cartoon -It has various meanings, based on several very different forms of visual art and illustration. The modern meaning refers to both humorous illustrations in print and animated films

Rational: The researcher will look at the most of the female Walt Disney Cartoon Characters .i.e. Princess, Villains, Fairy Godmothers.

Reason: Cartoons have always been integral part of every child. They have affected children. Be it negative or positive. They will always hold a special position for me. They have inspired me, affected behaviour and moulded my imagination power. Also gender is an important topic in today's society.  Most people feel pressure to conform to certain gender stereotypes without really understanding what they are and even without being aware of their influence on our perceptions. For example, according to gender stereotypes a woman's place is in the home while a man's place is to provide for the family. These Stereotypes are also seen in Disney’s Cartoons. Also the stereotypes of how every girl should look i.e. highly curved bright female body, big breasts, tiny waist, fluttering eyelashes etc. are shown in the Disney’s cartoons. These stereotypes affect the society. So I choose this topic for my research.

Aims and Objectives: With this research I want to achieve the answers to following questions. 1) Does Disney send out bad morals to young girls that they should not aspire to what they want to do and just sit around waiting for their prince charming? 2) Does it send out bad morals to young guys in that this is the way that girls should behave? 3) Why the 'heroines' of the story are always victims of their fathers’ orders or promises to princes? 4) Are this stories of Disney is what we want the children to hear? Or the other kind of stories? 5) Are we allowing Disney to shape the children’s imaginations? 6) Does Disney hide behind innocent face it portrays?

7) Is The Disney ultimate form of...
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