Literature Review on Women Trafficking

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Discourse on Women Trafficking in Nepal

Submitted By:

Rashmi Agrawal

Fourth Year, First Semester
Bachelors in Media Studies

Kathmandu University

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Sancharika Samuha Nepal
Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel,




Since the ancient time, women have been taken as a commodity from which the male members took maximum benefit. Let that be household works, sexual satisfaction or production of children men have always assumed it to be a women’s role to provide them with such. Women were always taken for granted then and still now.

Still in many areas of Nepal, women are nothing but someone who takes care of the house and bears children. Being a patriarchal society, women remain feeble. Men have all the powers over women. These small threads have led to a larger rope known as violence on women. Many women in Nepal are sold by their own relatives and acquaintances to India or other countries for exchange of money. This act is particularly known as women trafficking. Women staying at rural areas of age group 13-40 generally fall into prey.

According to the SAARC convention on preventing and combating trafficking in women and children for prostitution, article 1.3 defines trafficking as the moving, selling or buying of women and children for prostitution within and outside a country for monetary or other considerations with or without the consent of the person subjected to trafficking. As stated by the article 1.2, prostitution means the sexual exploitation or abuse of persons for commercial purposes.

Under the sixth amendment of the Civil Code, a person found guilty of having sold someone if liable to 20 years imprisonment, while aiders and abetters receive half the sentence. (ABC Nepal, 1994). There are serious penalties guaranteed by the law, but such are not enforced and regulated properly.

Research problem

To have a literature review of women trafficking in Nepal.


• to find out how much study has been done on this issue

• to find out how many magazines, books, reports and research paper has been published on women trafficking

• to find out how many news related to women trafficking get coverage in mainstream newspapers

• to analyze how women trafficking news are covered in mainstream newspapers


The research uses triangulation method. Quantitative approach is used to find out how much study has been carried out, how many magazines, books, reports and research paper has been published on women trafficking and how many news related to women trafficking get coverage in mainstream newspapers.

Qualitative approach is used to analyze the news published in mainstream newspapers in women trafficking. Also to have a review of available literatures collected in due course of research process.

The collected data are categorized into books, research articles, reports (includes research based, annual, or a study report), others (booklets, leaflets, publication inclusive of national international treaties conventions and laws, resource guide) and newspapers.

The universe or population of this research is any publication or print medium covering the issue of women trafficking in Nepal.

Random sampling method is used. The women based organizations of major areas of Kathmandu are visited and data are collected.

Data Collection

Secondary data are collected from various women oriented organizations focusing on women trafficking in Nepal.

The research includes media published from Nepal only. It is conducted in a small scale. While collecting books, few of them might have been missed. So this research is just a general overview but not a complete observation. The organizations that came under this topic of research are listed below:

• ABC Nepal


• Asmita


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