Literature Review on Increasing Website Traffic Through Seo

Topics: Search engine optimization, PageRank, Website Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: June 1, 2012
SEO may be defined as the optimization of a website for search engines, so that the search engines views it in an optimal manner. Various techniques and methods are available to achieve high rankings and become visible on search engines. Various processes are gradually evolving for optimizing the website, by observing the working of search engines. Every major search engine has its own respective algorithm. All the power of ranking the websites on the results page is with these algorithms. Website relevance and ranking are two important factors that are addressed by search algorithms. (Humayun, 2009) Search algorithms do have some weaknesses and many website owners do take this to their benefit. In order to address this problem, search engines keep their algorithms up to date. Google makes changes in its algorithm almost on a daily basis. So, it can be said that both SEO techniques and search algorithms are gradually developing in a vicious circle. Sean A. Golliher (2008) states that as search engines disapprove the manipulative strategies and punishes the websites by removing them from their index; therefore it is very important for webmasters to follow the guidelines of search engines for implementing only ethical SEO techniques). There are various ethical techniques which can be implemented for improving visibility in search engines. Although none of these techniques assure a particular ranking position in the search engine results pages, the implementation of these SEO techniques and strategies improve prospects of the websites to gain visibility on search engines. Ultimately this results in receiving visitors to the website and consequently leads to increased sales and revenue for the website.

Empirical research:
Many researchers attempted to understand the important SEO factors by analyzing the high ranking websites on the search engine results pages. They studied and analyzed the usage of different elements in the highly ranked pages. They used the...
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