Literature Review on Cmc

Topics: Language education, Language acquisition, Second language acquisition Pages: 2 (1135 words) Published: January 7, 2013
CMC in Language Learning and Teaching

Chen Y. H. (2005, March). Computer mediated communication: The use of CMC to develop EFL learners’ communicative competence. Asian EFL Journal, 7 (1). Retrieve November 09, 2007 from
Chen’s purpose in this article is to suggest the integration of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) into EFL learning in order to promote learners’ linguistic and pragmatic competence. She first bring out the failure of focus on form teaching approach then states the needs of adopting Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach because it enhances learners’ ability to efficiently use the target language (TL) in different contexts as well as creates more comprehensible input by involving learners to meaningful communications which requires information exchange language modification. Additionally, Chan points out the limitations of traditional EFL classrooms to implement CLT and claims the pedagogical benefits of CMC in language teaching learning such as increasing greater amount of interactions; creating opportunities for learners to take part in the target social and culture context; promoting learners’ motivation, autonomy and TL proficiency. She also presents some principles of using CMC tools to maximize the efficiency of CMC in language learning as such teachers should consider ways of designing leaning tasks, monitoring learners’ learning and evaluate their progress. Overall, Chen’s article showed an overview of pedagogical theories and challenges applying CLT in classroom which are likely to be solved by using CMC. Lafford, P. A. & Lafford, B. A. (2005, May). CMC Technologies for teaching foreign languages: What’s on the horizon? CALICO Journal, 22 (3), 679-709. Retrieved November, 2007, from In contrast to Chen’s article conducted in the same year cited...
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