Literature Review of Recruitment and Selection in International Human Resource Management

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  • Published: November 24, 2010
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Literature review of Recruitment and Selection in International Human Resource Management


Staffing is one of the main functions on Human Resource Management, refer to International Human Resource Management perspective, staffing will be more important on the managing by the headquartered company to their subsidiaries in order to gain more competitive advantage for them. As a company want to achieve the mind of globalization, they must choose a suitable staffing approach in order to doing business successfully not only in the domestic also in the international environment. Maral Muratbekova-Touron (2008) stated that “One of the main issues facing the development of the global companies has always been to find the right balance between the local autonomy between subsidiaries and the control of the corporate headquarters.”, it related to how the company recruit and select their staffs in their subsidiaries. In the present paper will concentrate on the international staffing approaches in global companies, and there has four different approaches to managing and staffing their international subsidiaries. The following literature reviews will attempt to explain that four approaches and point out what is the advantage and disadvantage of each approach in the internationalization process of the company.

Approaches to Managing and Staffing Global Subsidiaries

In research text book by Ball, et al. (2008), it was explained these four approaches in detail, they are Ethnocentric approach, Polycentric approach, Geocentric approach and Regiocentric Approach. Ethnocentric approach is related to the company employing and promoting the Parent-country nationals (PCNs) in their subsidiaries which the employee are the citizen of the nation in the parent company; Polycentric approach is related to employing and promoting the Host-country nationals (HCNs) in their subsidiaries which the employees are the citizen of the nation in the operating subsidiaries;...
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