Literature Review of Fast Food

Topics: United States, Fast food, Restaurant Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: October 2, 2011
1. Critical Appraisal of 24 References

1.1. Reference 1

(Blanck et al.2007) Factors Influencing Lunchtime Food Choices among Working Americans.


Various factors affect the food choice of consumers. The literature aforementioned aims to determine the factors that will influence lunchtime choices among working Americans. The main methodology used is by surveys, of which the participants were selected via sampling. The variable definitions asked included the respondent’s age, weight, height, educational level, race and marital status apart from the initial question of where lunch was purchased at. Food choice in a time scarce environment relies on the variability of location, cost and convenience. The factors vary per individual and thus qualitative research on the choice of food stresses the importance of negotiating the right value amongst the factors. Findings from the report state convenience is most important at 34.3% of the responses. In relation to this factor, the source which lunch is obtained from is fast-food restaurants and more commonly among the younger adults or lesser educated. The results has paved the direction for future interventions should workplaces want to instil a healthier eating habit.

Critical Evaluation

A number of key factors vital to determine food choices include the cost, time, convenience and locality. However these factors alone are inadequate. By comparing these factors against the demographics of the survey participants, researchers can find out the specific age groups that respond to a particular lunch choice based on its combination of factors. This information can allow food and beverage vendors to modify their methods of operation or product offerings to suit a particular age group. One area the report may be lacking is that no additional qualitative research was included to build on the variability of factors such as taste, for the purpose of setting specific measures. The factors mentioned in this...
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