Literature Review of Emotional Intelligence in Managers

Topics: Emotion, Management, Affect display Pages: 3 (1163 words) Published: December 6, 2010
LITERATURE REVIEW OF HUMPHREY ET AL., LEADING WITH EMOTIONAL LABOUR, 2008 AND BROTHERIDGE AND LEE, THE EMOTIONS OF MANAGING, 2008. The authors of the two journals review and provide valuable information on the work, life and emotional management of managers and leaders and how it is being intertwined with and embedded in the managing processes, implications on the employees‟ moods and emotions. The keyword in the two papers is emotional intelligence. However, it is arguable that they focused heavily on the aspects of emotional intelligence and leadership, and ignored other psychological forces that influence an individual. The research will be analysed closely by reviewing their arguments and findings. Humphrey et al., (2008) research agrees on the use of emotional intelligence and emotional labour by leaders, how leaders‟ emotions influences the moods and emotions of their employees. The paper develops 15 propositions that provide an insight on how leaders perform emotional labour, leading with deep acting and surface acting. They concluded that success is obtained through leading with emotional labour, though sometimes costly especially for those engaged in surface acting. Trainings for leaders and managers on how to express their emotions effectively may help make the workplace more productive and enjoyable for both leaders and followers. Brotheridge and Lee, 2008 research provides an insight on the impact the expressed emotions of managers have on their work units „emotional climate, their employees‟ emotions and the organization‟s emotional health and overall success. The authors agree that at the heart of all working relationships are emotions (Burkitt, 1997, 2002; De Rivera and Grinkis, 1995); thus, emotions are the substance of managerial work and argues that leaders need to be knowledgeable on both emotional and social control and expectations that arise from gender roles. They concluded emotions are essential for managerial work and managers are...
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