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  • Published : December 19, 2011
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Literature Review: Memory Impairment in Epilepsy and the Effects on Patient Care

Memory impairment in epilepsy is a concern for anyone that has to care for a person with epilepsy. Nurses need to be educated on and have knowledge on how memory impairment in epilepsy affects patients. Having a knowledge base of the subject will affect the way we care for patients with epilepsy. As nurses we need to adapt the way we educate and care for the patient due to memory loss and decreased cognitive functioning. It is extremely important to ensure they understand about their memory loss and that we as nurses make sure they have interventions in place to help them adapt to their cognitive loss. The purpose of this paper is to review literature, summarize, analyze, and synthesize the literature to determine if it will advance the practice of nursing. Summary of Literature

The articles chosen for review were all published within the last five years, representing current information available on epilepsy and memory impairment in epilepsy. Persons with epilepsy frequently complain of problems with memory and cognition. Memory impairment is a common and major issue in persons with epilepsy (Zhou, Shatakikh, Liu, & Holmes, 2007; Dulay et al., 2006; Gonzalez, Anderson, Wood, Mitchell, & Harvey, 2007). There are many factors that could affect memory function in persons with epilepsy including underlying pathology (Zhou et al., 2007), length of time a person has had epilepsy (Helmstaedter & Elger, 2009), type and frequency of seizures (Vallenga, Grypdonck, Tan, Lendemeijer, & Boon, 2005), surgery (Dulay et al. 2006; Powell et al., 2007), age (Griffin, Martin, Bambara, Marson, & Faught, 2006), and medications (Eliassen, Holland, & Szaflarski, 2008). One case study indicated that memory of public events is affected more than personal memories (Manning, Chassagnon, Hirsch, Kehrli, & Maitrit, 2005). Memory impairments including verbal and non-verbal are more prevalent in...
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