Literature Review

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  • Published: December 1, 2011
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Literature Review

This Literature review seeks to provide knowledge on the research that has been found on Sustainable Tourism Management in the Small Island Caribbean States. A general background would be given on, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Tourism Management likewise an overview of the Small Island Caribbean States along with the issues that are plaguing them with the development of Tourism. In addition to this there would be an examination of the relationship between Tourism and managing its Sustainability, furthermore analyzing and investigating the conflicts and issues that arise with it.

Sustainable Tourism Management

Edgell 2006, described Tourism in the Third millennium, properly managed, has the potential to participate in, change and improve the social, cultural economical, political, and ecological dimensions of future lifestyles.

However, King, Leblanc and Van Lowe, 2000 states that Tourism has a tendency to be more negative than positive when used as the sole, or primary, vehicle for development and when taken out of the hands of the local people who are most impacted. The Caribbean, like much of the Third World, is currently experiencing many of the negative side effects of the tourist trade.

According Swarbrooke 1999 Sustainable Tourism emphasizes the environmental, social and economic elements of the tourism system therefore defining it as Tourism which is economically viable but does not destroy the resources on which the future of Tourism, will depend, notably the physical environment and the Social fabric of the host Community. The World Tourism Organization 2005 decided that an agenda should be set when trying to manage Sustainable Tourism. This agenda needs to embrace two, interrelated, elements of the sustainability of tourism:

The ability of tourism to continue as an activity in the future, ensuring that the conditions are right for this; and

The ability of society and the environment to absorb...
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