Literature Review

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Management Pages: 3 (495 words) Published: November 8, 2011

Name Of the author | Title of the article | Title of the journal | Year of public-cation| NumberOf volume| Part number of the journal| Number of relevant pages| Brief content and value |

P.Bansal & S. Kandola: CSR: Why good people behave badly in organizations, Ivey Business Journal, March/April 2004 Content: Corporate Social Irresponsibility (Example of Enron), Bystander effect (Three ways), Consequences of irresponsible actions, How to prevent corporate social irresponsibility

T. Bansal: Best Practices in CSR, Ivey Business Journal, March/April 2006 Content: Interview with T. Bansal on best practices in CSR in Canada, Explanation of type of practices, Internal and External Stakeholder involvement, Social capital

Gellerman S.W.: Why ‘good’ managers make ethical bad choices, Harvard Business Review, July/August 1986 Content: 4 rationalizations why people behave badly, Practical rules to more effectively control managers actions, 3 examples for ethical bad behaviour (Manville, Continental Illinois Bank..)

Kanji G. & Chopra P. : CSR in a global economy, Total Quality Management, February 2010, Vol 21, 2 Content: CSR Index, Kanji–Chopra corporate social responsibility model

Pati N.: All businesses have a form of Corporate Responsibility, NJBIZ Journal, September 2008 Content: Interview with N. Pati how CSR maximises profit, Costs of CSR, how mall businesses can contribute & Examples of Nike & WalMart

Bansal T.: Best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility, Ivey Business Journal, March/April 2006 Content: Best practices and criterias for best practicing companies ***

Bansal P. et al: Beyond good intentions: Strategie for managing your CSR performance, Ivey Business Journal, January/February 2008 Content: Improving Suggestions for CSR activities in companies, CSR Rankings

Carroll A.: Speaches, Contents: Fraud and Corruption, 4 parts of CSR

Bansal P.: CSR with Pratima Bansal,...
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