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Literature Review

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Literature Review
The general public are exposed to criminal aspects of Domestic Violence, ie. assault and murder through the media’s coverage. However there are many other forms of Domestic Violence that vary in intensity and severity. These tend to be difficult to rank or scale. “A single form of abuse may be inconsequential to one woman but have severe impact on another. Therefore, the impacts on either the abused or the abuser are highly idiosyncratic and situational, but all of them centre on the imbalance of power between the abuser and the abused” (Haley and Braun-Haley, 2008 pp.8) There are two different types of abuse concerning domestic violence. These are, physical and psychological abuse. Psychological abuse includes verbal abuse, not necessarily restrained to the proximity of the victims home and private life but also in public domain. Psychological abuse covers bullying-like tactics, the application of pressure and intimidation to get what he wants. The use of authoritarianism and it’s over exertion to gain control of the victim or situation. Disrespect, closely relates to verbal abuse although always involves others to increase levels of anxiety and embarrassment in hopes of creating more shame on the victim. Trust is a fundamental aspect of a functioning relationship, abuse of trust is a violation of this and a common form of psychological abuse. Control comes in various forms; withholding emotional contact, usually to family or friends in an attempt to dictate the individuals freedom. Minimizing behaviour is recognised as the downplay of abusive behaviour with the abuser denying it even occurred or making light of the situation. Victims are often isolated in an attempt to control and satisfy own personal insecurities. Harassment covers a huge range of unwanted behaviour from unannounced visit or calls to excessive levels progressing to stalking behaviours. (Haley and Haley, 2000 pp8-17) The second of the two types of domestic violence is...

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