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630: LEADERSHIP Literature Review|
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Leadership and power are incorporated to form an influential bond between leaders and followers. That is the use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers towards goal achievement by leaders. It can be assumed that it is the aptitude to influence the behavior of others and resist unwanted influence in return. Once a leader feels comfortable using power, it’s common, unfortunately, for the leader to regularly interact with everyone in the same way. Referring to your interaction style or how you motivate others toward action, a leader with only one influence style is like a painter with only one color therefore their work will be ineffective and predictable. (Kryder 2008). Grasping on the meaning of the terms power and influence can be difficult. Power is an invisible influence force in organizations that its effects are tangible. Influence on the other hand is the effect a person’s actions have on the attitudes, values, beliefs or actions of others. (Daft 2008). There are two choices when it comes to influencing people. First is to influence them cohesively or second, forcefully. Forceful influence is manifested in people who use positioned leadership to get things done through others. (Alyn 2009). Power is classified into different types thus ranges the influences that it has on the people leaders interacts with. Relating to what the authors portrays, the aspect of leadership power as well as influence will impact leaders, businesses as well as societies. Power and influence shapes the image and reputation that a leader has unto an organisation or to followers. Moreover power and influence can also determine the drive and the effectiveness of a business and how they may be eligible to goal achievements. As for the impact of power and influences of leadership towards society, it generally entails the concern for the people and the environment in...
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