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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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The following information has been provided as a basis for the study we are conducting on analysing the Consumer behaviour towards the Multiplexes. The information has been extracted from research journals (ProQuest), websites, articles, and blogs. This has helped us in conducting the primary research. Title: An exploratory study on customer perception about multiplexes Type of source: Journal paper

Publication Details: JK journal of management technology, 2010 Summary:
Not only in metros but also in small cities the media of entertainment is witnessing a paradigm shift. Undoubtedly, the Bollywood is at the apex of entertainment and Indian cinema has a charismatic presence. The young generation, prefer to spend their weekends with full fervour, fun and family in order to invigorate and overcome work stress. Big shopping malls housing multiplexes have become the hottest destination for this techno-savvy generation. The Indian film industry with more than 3 billion admission is growing up tremendously. This industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 16% reaching to US $4.42 billion by the year 2011. In multiplex segment there are major players like: PVR, big cinemas, INOX, Cinemax, fame etc. Research objectives

To study the customer expectations and CRM practices with respect to multiplexes in Indore

Title: A study of consumer behaviour and product placement in Indian cinema. Type of source: Research journal
Publication Details: Annals of management research, volume 2 no 1, Jan-Feb 2012. Summary:
Instances of product placements can be found in a variety of media entertainment offerings including television shows, videos and popular movies with this form of advertising considered by many as representing the “new genre of marketing tools”. This study discusses the evaluation and growth of in film placements in India which has grabbed the attention of advertisement and film producers in the country. Research objectives:...
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