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  • Published: February 1, 2013
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LITERATURE IN REGION X (Northern Mindanao)

 Designated as Region X of the Philippines, Northern Mindanao (Filipino:Hilagang Mindanao) is composed of five provinces and two cities classified as highly- urbanized, all occupying the north- central part of Mindanao island, and the island-province of Camiguin. The regional center is Cagayan De Oro City, where the national government's regional offices and other big establishments are located.

Cultural groups

Majority of the region's inhabitants are migrants from Cebu and Iloilo. There are also inhabitants of Waray, Tagalog and Maranao descent.

Component cities


Malaybalay City

Valencia City

Misamis Occidental

Oroquieta City

Ozamiz City

Tangub City

Misamis Oriental

Gingoog City

Literary piece

The Flood Story

Bukidnon (Mindanao)

A long time ago there was a very big crab which crawled into the sea. And when he went in he crowded the water out so that it ran all over the earth and covered all the land.

Now about one moon before this happened, a wise man had told the people that they must build a large raft. They did as he commanded and cut many large trees, until they had enough to make three layers. These they bound tightly together, and when it was done they fastened the raft with a long rattan cord to a big pole in the earth.

Soon after this the floods came. White water poured out of the hills, and the sea rose and covered even the highest
mountains. The people and animals on the raft were safe, but all the others drowned.

When the waters went down and the raft was again on the ground, it was near their old home, for the rattan cord had held.

But these were the only people left on the whole earth.

Authors and their Works

Short stories

The Battle at Tagoloan

Dusk in Capillahan

The Cemetery Keeper

A Day in the Lives of Coal
Regino L Gonzales, Jr.

The guman of dumalinao...
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