Literature Program Plan Paper

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Literature Program Plan Paper
Children are like sponges, they absorb information quickly. That’s why it’s up to parents and teachers to provide them with the right information during their preschool years. This paper will discuss criteria for selecting literature, teaching strategies that support the developmental goals that support language, personality, social and moral, and aesthetic and creative development of preschool age children. Also this paper will discuss how to implement the literature program and the evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of the program. When selecting literature for young children one need to think about the children they will be reading to. Teachers shouldn’t read literature that children may be afraid of. Children like to hear stories that they can relate to. They like to hear about things that they may be feeling, things that they like and love like their family or things in the community. When searching for literature, teachers should look for books that offer literary value, quality text, bright colorful illustrations and age appropriate. One book can assist in the developmental goals of early childhood and of your curriculum in particular (Giorgis & Glazer, 2009, p. 273). Language development through literature will build the children listening skills and helps to build children’s vocabulary. Three Little Kittens, by Paul Galdone is a story that offers great repetition of rhyming words. Children can follow a patterning of repeating rhyming words like, oh mother dear, we sadly fear or oh mother dear, see here, see here. The story has many words that the children have heard before and some words that will be new to them like soiled, naughty and greatly and darling. The children can discuss what they think the words might mean. The children will have new words to add to their vocabulary. Children can be encourage to read alone with the story, repeat the rhyming words and even make up new words that...
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