Literature of Faith and Doubt

Topics: Poetry, Question, Doubt Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Morning listeners today’s program is the first day of our new series called ‘the literature of faith and doubt”. The series will explore the contribution literature has made over time and across cultures to the exploration of faith and doubt in human experiences. Faith and doubt is a controversial subject. Throughout our lives there will be many times where we will doubt ourselves, family and friends and even God and likewise there will be many times when our faith is tested but I believe the ultimate test of faith is when you loose your soul mate.

This morning we are going to discus two poems “natures questioning by Thomas hardy and “creed by Steve turner”. The clarification for the structure where Hardy has repeated A,b,b,a throughout seven stanzas, he provides seven reasons to not believe in God. The first stanza describes an emotionless scene of a field containing trees, animals and a pool, which are objects, not enmeshed in his life.

Hardy describes nature as something that is vigorous and alive and is now comatose and dead. The poem uses an alliteration and simile to get the readers attention. “Like chastened children sitting silent in a school” which enables the reader to visualize subdued children sitting emotionless as Hardy feels. Hardies questioning is about a man who has lost his wife to cancer. The poem expresses how empty the man feels without his wife and although he has had faith in God he doubts God’s control, plan and love for him since his wife has past. Hardy searches for the person to blame for his wife’s death. It is a very hard concept to believe and accept that a God of love would allow the one that you love to perish and leave you with so much pain. Hardy expresses this concept in the poem by doubting God’s intention and even suggesting that Satan could be the instigator of his wife’s death. Hardies questioning of who is to blame for his wife’s death can be seen in several stanzas in the poem. Firstly stanza four states, “Has...
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