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  • Published: May 5, 2013
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Starring Laurence Fishburne, Olive Parker’s 1995 rendition of the romantic, tragedy Othello, is an accurate yet dramatic portrayal of William Shakespeare’s acclaimed masterpiece, “Othello.” Olive Parker artistically employs the use of cinematography, lighting manipulation, and sound effects at necessary scenes, which lends a breath of life to a classic play. According to the critic Rita Kempley in the Washington Post, “this adaption of Othello allows us to judge for ourselves whether the Moor loved not wisely but too well.” Despite some variations, the film remains genuine to the play significant themes and conflicts and intricately shows the destructive nature of human conditions. Set in the city of Venice, the plot revolves around, the elopement of the Moor, Othello and his Venetian beauty Desdemona, whose relationship is ruined by Iago, who is not only envious of their love, but is angered that the position of lieutenancy that was given to the Florentine, Michael Cassio and not to himself. Infuriated by Othello’s actions, Iago embarks on a journey to seek vengeance for not appointing him the position of lieutenant and in the process manipulates various innocent characters to see the great, Othello fall. The film has proven to be an effective depiction of the play, staying true to Shakespeare’s vision, however, with some distinctions, to characters, scenes, and imagery, which heighten the interest of the viewer. Despite the changes in Parker’s interpretation, he surely captures the passion of Othello and later the monster which resides within him, the beauty and loyalty of his love Desdemona starred by Irene Jacob in stark contrast with, the human manifestation of Satan himself, the diabolical, Iago, portrayed by Kenneth Branagh and the adherent Michael Cassio captured by Nathaniel Parker. Furthermore, the set and costumes were equally accomplished which ensured all elements of the film flowed. The characters in the film “Othello,” lives up to Shakespeare’s...
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