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Topics: Earth, River, Mr. Nobody Pages: 2 (1014 words) Published: April 24, 2013
POEM 1 - The River

English Version| 中文版|
The river’s a wanderer,a nomad, a tramp.He doesn't choose any one placeto set up his camp.| 河先生是个流浪者,他从不选择任何一个地方设立自己的营地。| The river’s a winder,through valley and hill.He twists and he turns,he just cannot be still.| 河先生是个卷绕机,通过山谷和山。他蜿蜒前进着,他就是不能停下来。| The river’s a hoarderand he buries down deepThose little treasuresthat he wants to keep.| 河先生是个收藏家,他深深地埋下他想要保存的那些小珍品。| The river’s a baby,he gurgles and humsAnd sounds likehe’s happily sucking his thumbs.| 河先生是个婴儿,他咯咯笑着并哼着歌听起来像他正高兴地吮着大拇指。| The river’s a singer,as he dances alongThe countryside echoesthe notes of his song.| 河先生是个歌手,当他跳舞时乡间回响着他的音符。| The river’s a monster,hungry and vexedHe’s gobbled up treesand he’ll swallow you next.| 河先生是个怪物,饥饿和烦恼了他会狼吞虎咽地吃掉树,接着他就会吞下你。|

POEM 2 - MR. Nobody

English Version| 中文版|
I know a funny little man,As quiet as a mouse,Who does the mischief that is doneIn everybody’s house!There’s no one ever sees his face,And yet we all agreeThat every plate we break was crackedBy Mr. Nobody.| 我知道有一个有趣的矮个子,不声不响地老在每个人的家里恶作剧!没有人看见过他的长相,然而我们同意每个我们打破的碟子都是由没有人先生弄碎的。| ‘Tis he who always tears out books,Who leaves the door ajar,He pulls the buttons from our shirts,And scatters pins afar;That squeaking door will always squeak,For prithee, don’t you see,We leave the oiling to be doneBy Mr. Nobody.| 就是他总是撕破我们的书籍,又把门半开着,他扯开我们衬衫的扣子,又在远处散了针。那个吱吱作响的门还是会持续作响,拜托,你没看到吗,我们把上润滑剂的工作交由没有人先生处理了。| He puts damp wood upon the fire,That kettle cannot boil;His are the feet that bring in mud,And all the carpets soil.The papers are always mislaid,Who had them last but he?There's no one tosses them about But Mr Nobody.| 他把湿木头放在火堆,水壶不能烧开;就是他的脚把泥巴带进来,所有的地毯都弄脏了。报纸总是不见,除了它还能是谁做的?没有人会扔了那些东西除了没有人先生。| The finger marks upon the doorBy none of us are made;We never leave the blinds unclosed,To let the curtains fade.The ink we never spill; the bootsThat lying round you seeAre not our boots,—they all belongTo Mr. Nobody.|...
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