Literature Essay on Frankenstein

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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What we learn about Dr Frankenstein in Act 1
This literature essay is about the role of Dr Frankenstein in the play adaptation of Mary Shelley’s 19th Century gothic novel known as “Frankenstein”. It is the story of Victor Frankenstein, a scientist obsessed with his desire to unearth the secret of life and create a “perfect” being. He brings to life a monster so grotesque and repulsive that the scientist abandons it in disgust. In Act 1, we learn a great deal about what sort of person he is and his personality. Before anything important happens at the beginning of the play, we learn that he is a very secretive man. The evidence of this is, “Frankenstein- is seen to climb athletically down the outside and in through the window” Then, “There is a scrambling sound from outside, as if the other person is not sure of footing. A leg can be seen waving uncertainly about, feeling for a foothold. Frankenstein takes it and guides it to safety. A moment later, Clerval appears in the window and jumps down to join Frankenstein”. This shows that the scientist is quite strange for the normal and natural way to go into a room is to enter through the door, why would he do this? Maybe he has something to hide. The contrast between the way Frankenstein and Clerval climb through the window suggests that Frankenstein has had practise sneaking into his room because he seems to do this movement with ease, whereas Clerval is much clumsier in comparison. As the play proceeds, we can find out that Dr Frankenstein is a rather messy and unhygienic person. In the stage directions: “The room is an odd mixture of shabby sitting room and cluttered laboratory.” This shows that Frankenstein has difficulties caring for himself because of the fact that he is so engrossed with his work and discoveries. There are some more evidence, He (Clerval) sits in an armchair, then sits upright quickly and feels behind him. He brings out a human thigh- bone from behind the cushion and stares at it with...
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