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Another problem that is faced by the teachers regarding this new curriculum standard for primary school (KSSR), teachers do not have so much time to be with their students because KSSR has given burdensome for the teachers to handle lots of paper works and student’s portfolios. This is a real situation faced by the teachers nowadays.

Lots of teachers complaining that this new curriculum basis does not decrease their workloads but on the other hand it has increased their workloads even more. For them this new basis has given them so many trouble in handling their times with their family and work. Some of them even have been given new classes to be handled and this have given them more student’s portfolios to be done. Let’s say if one class consists of 20-30 students, then the teacher who are handling the class has to do 20 or 30 portfolios for his or her students. So, how can the teachers be with their students for they are handling this tough task?

KSSR has given the teachers less time with their students and this has given the teachers a big problem for them to find other alternatives so that they can spend more times teaching their students. They have to sacrifice some of their precious times with their family at night for making an extra class for their student. Sometimes teachers are not allowed to do extra classes at night for their student for the reason of the student’s parent does not allow their child to be outside of their home at night. That situation is commonly seen in a place where the crime rates is higher at night so it is understandable. But again, why should teachers abandon their student’s study just to fulfil the requirement of KSSR? In primary level, teacher should interact with their students more because most of them do not yet have the independent learning skill at their age. In case of that, teachers have to be there to help their study.

Another thing that this KSSR thing has become a great burden to all teachers is if we look at...
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