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A large part of a nursing career involves both verbal and non-verbal transmission of information especially to the pre – operative patients in order to lessen their anxiety prior to procedure. When considering this idea of nursing and communication there is what we called therapeutic communication in nursing. This involves the human element of appropriate emotions in the nursing arena. Therapeutic communication in nursing reinforces the nurse client relationship. It makes the nurse appear more humane to a patient. Therapeutic communication in nursing can help cut through barriers of cultures and gender, establish a connection and help deal in a situation where empathy is needed with the patient. In nursing profession comes now the ability of the nurses to facilitate therapeutic communications. With this, every nurse must understand and must be knowledgeable on how to facilitate therapeutic communication techniques (Craven & Hirnle, 2007). Therapeutic Communication is an interaction that is helpful and healing for one or more of the participants; the client benefits from knowing that someone cares and understands and the nurse derives satisfaction from knowing that he or she has been helpful to someone. The goal of therapeutic communication is to help clients talk about and resolve their feelings and problems related to health, illness, treatments and nursing care (Craven & Hirnle, 2007). Also, therapeutic communication involves used of carefully selected communication interventions to help patients and families overcome stress and adjust to the unalterable (Schuster, 2005). According to Gray Pilgrim (2005), Therapeutic communication techniques in health care and nursing are also very important. A patient recovering from a debilitating illness needs encouragement and a lot of care from the nursing staff. Positive body language like a smile and demeanour which makes the patient feel cared can bolster the healing process of a patient. Therapeutic...
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