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Tradition of the Dynasties
After feasting and much noodle-slurping, the birthday grab begins. The tradition of the birthday grab comes from dynastic times. On the first birthday, a set of items are placed before the birthday child so that the child may pick whatever he or she fancies. Whatever item the child picks and successfully gives to his or her parents may be an indication of the child's future career. I have just read you an interesting example of some Chinese rites of passage traditions. Assignment no 2:

You have to google the rites of passage of any nation or any culture of your choice and write about this culture’s rite of passage. Google the sentence “rites of passage in the Arab world/japan/Switzerland/Syria/Lebanon/india/Pakistan or in any place that you think of and then choose an article from an interesting website and then present that in an essay of about 800 words. An example is the link: The following link provides you with some models of rites of passage essays: Wedding ceremony
Most cultures support a bride as she goes from being a single woman to being a married woman. There are specific rituals, specific actions, and specific people who help her glide through this transition. Those cultures aren't so concerned with creating a gorgeous event as they are with helping a woman make an internal shift from one role to another.  Therefore the bride is the center of attention, but the irony of it is, her emotional self can be ignored. As she makes the shift from "me" to "we" the feelings that come up can end up being projected onto the details of the wedding. It stared from here as all over the world the bride must carry that beautiful bouquet of roses and it should be admired by the bride in all its details. The type, color and how it decorated.  The most important thing in...
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