Literary Theme in a Short Story

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Literary Theme in a Short Story
Introduction to Literature
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The short story “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin had a deep and controversial theme. When thinking of the idea of a theme, many readers would agree that most stories have a main theme and there this is not a controversial thing, however, looking at this short story, and being of a Christian background, I feel that this short story invoked many different feelings towards the story, and therefore, my personal thoughts on the theme. Looking at the overall plot of the story, there are many directions that a reader could look at this story. In the story, the main character, Mrs. Mallard felt entrapped in her relationship with her husband. With a feeling of entrapment, there were also feelings of being in a prison-like setting. To me, the theme of the story was that love can be a wonderful thing, but it can also bring of feelings of entrapment.

Growing up in a somewhat “dysfunctional” family I was not raised with the idea that divorce was a good thing. My parents fought often when I was growing up and later on in my life, my mother told me stories of how she felt entrapped in her marriage to my father. My mother’s story was somewhat similar to that of Mrs. Mallard’s. Love can be a wonderful thing for many reasons, my mother always told me that her reason was the fantastic children that she had been able to have.

The tone of the short story “The Story of an Hour” is one that made me feel as though I was in a deep dark place with no way out. The writer, Kate Chopin used wording such as “breath of rain” in order to get a point across that there was a feeling of heaviness that had overcome the main character. Mrs. Mallard reacted with grief when finding out of her husband’s death but also is excited that she is an independent woman, this is something that in the end turned out to be hard on her physically with her heart problem.

The main character is a critical element to the theme that I...
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