Literary Letter-Mice and Men

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Novella Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Of Mice and Men was well written by Steinbeck and portrayed the lives of two men trying to create themselves a perfect life. It was a bit confusing as the story started out because one did not know as much about the characters and the background they came from and after reading the book one still does not know completely know the characters as well unlike Farewell to Arms or other books which give a good description of the characters before the main setting of the book and tell the readers where they’ve come from. What I found unusual about the book was Lennie following every command of George. Lennie’s tremendous size over George should have made him control over George. Yet he obeyed every command of George including the part where George told Lennie to go jump in the water which nearly drowned him. Another peculiar topic about the Book that I had encountered was Lennie’s low self-control. He has no control over his actions and preventing him from doing major harm was George who was not with him when Lennie played around with the woman in the red dress that resulted in their banishment and the death of Curley’s wife. The Use of Steinbeck’s language made the story entertaining because it was simple and kept the reader focused in on the story. I felt hatred for George controlling Lennie like a mind-puppet yet pity for Lennie because without George he would have done far more worse things.

The plot is basically two men who want to work hard to lead an easy and calm life. Lennie is a big man who has mental disabilities and takes command from George who is a small yet wise and smart man. George insults Lennie continuously saying that he would do much better off without him but in reality he needs him as much as Lennie needs George. They’re a perfect duo one has the brains and the other the brawns. However when one side is separated from the other especially George from Lennie he finds it unbearable to have self-control. The Setting is in California where migrant...
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