Literary Elements

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Literary Elements 1

The movie that I chose to write about is the Blind Side. What I think this movie is really about is, exactly what I watched. The movie is a true story about a real life event. It was about a white family taking in a homeless black boy that goes to the same school as her children. She feels very sorry for him, when she sees him walking in the pouring down rain in shorts and a tee shirt. She wants to help him and give him a better life. At first she has him sleeping on the couch, and eventually she gives him a room of his own. She also buys him new clothes, things he has never had before. The family helps educate him and gets him to play football and helps him to get a scholarship to a great college. They reached out to a person that did not have a chance, and not only became a family for him, but gave him a life that he would not otherwise have had. The Blind Side has many of the important literary elements to make it a good movie. For one it is a good story because it is definitely credible. The Blind Side is a true story. There are “externally observable truths: the way things really are.” The Blind Side is also a good story because it was very interesting. The story had me captivated from start to finish. I found that it was very interesting because it being a true story made it that much more of a wonderful story. It really made me take time to evaluate life and the everyday struggles that we face, and the struggles that others face. It mad me think how wonderful it is to reach out to another human

Being and be the difference in that person’s life. To see a human life flourish and become something just by a generous act of another that is able to do so. The Blind Side was definitely “simple and complex.” It was complex enough to keep me interested, and yes the outcome was a possibility I thought of while watching the movie, but it was not completely predictable. There were a few situations that the outcome could have...
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