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  • Published : March 12, 2007
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Imagery: Language that appeals to the five senses. It is used to represent objects, actions, feelings, thoughts, state of mind, sensory experiences.

Example: " Older sisters and mothers who had grown up on a tropical island where the natural environment was a riot of primary colors, where showing your skin was a way to keep cool as well as look sexy. Most important of all, on the island, women perhaps felt freer to dress and move more provocatively, since they were protected under the by the traditions of the catholic system." Page 205

Function: Judith Cofer's novel The Myth of the Latin Women portrays the environment and ridicule of a Puerto Rican women. In the short story you understand how a women's cultural life style clashes with American stereotypes. The image I perceive is a women growing up who was unsure how to act because she was taught something different in the outside world compared to that of her own family and traditions. You see how her life at home was colorful and jubilant but at school they just took her as a provocative Latina or another Maria. It also goes on to tell about her own experiences of discrimination because of her race. The memories and experiences she shares in the text lets you comprehend how the public understood her as another cleaning lady and never respected her intelligence. This short story takes you on a journey with the writer to stop the misconceptions and prejudice of the Hispanic women.
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