Literary Criticism Draft

Topics: 1950s, Abuse, Soldier Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Ara Astley Dungo15
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During the 1950’s in the Philippines, rebellions started to emerge because the Filipinos opened their minds to their submission to different countries. A group called HUKBALAHAP is one of the popular guerrillas who fight against the government and military. This became Amante Bigornia’s inspiration to write A Night of Dancing to the Sunday Times Magazine. The characters reflect the ways of living and surviving while at the military headquarters during these chaotic days. Sgt. Clemente Callejo is one of the powerful characters in this short story. He is tough and harsh, which gives his fellow soldiers a reason to fear him. He is good at belittling people and forcing his orders because he knows he has authority. This is seen in the part where he humiliates Father Carlos, the chaplain, in front of many just because he wanted him to dance. Sgt. Callejo symbolizes the ambitious corrupt officials during the 1950’s, before this era, and even after. On the other hand, Carmelo “Mike” Batoon is a brave soul for defending Filipinos from the guerrillas. As the company clerk described him in the story, he was an appealing man, not guerrilla-looking at all. Unlike Sgt. Callejo, Mike is regularly teased for being faithful and attending services with Father Carlos. He symbolizes the good-hearted. An instance was when he saved Father Carlos from the drunken Sgt. Callejo at their gathering. Instead of giving another blow to him, Mike walked away because he knew it would not be a fair fight. Plus, what will be the point of fighting back? These characters show how the rankings depict ones rights and limits in the headquarters. Since Sgt. Callejo is higher than Mike Batoon, he knew that he will have to deal with the consequences for hitting a sergeant. Although what he did was noble, it would not matter to Sgt. Callejo because he will just focus on the offense done to him. This can be seen as an act of...
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