Literary Comparison: The Nightingale's Nest and Ode to a Nightingale

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  • Published : September 20, 2010
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The two poems in my comparison are The Nightingale’s Nest by John Clare, and Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats. Although both were about the actual bird the nightingale there is so much more depth that can be reached by just reading into what the speaker is feeling as they are describing the actual bird, and not to mention their surroundings and how they are coming in contact with the nature around them. As well as the effect that certain aspects of the birds song makes them feel and even changes the way of thinking. The Nightingale is a bird that builds its nest among the ground, and disguises it as just a brush pile to predators that may cause them any harm, both poems mention the way that this particular birds nest placement is unique and part of what makes the bird so special, but above all what makes the nightingale a bird like no other is the tranquil song that it produces when it does not feel as though it is in harms way.

In The Nightingale’s Nest by John Clare he is describing his adventure of coming upon such a glories work of nature as the nightingales nest how one must be extra careful as not to startle the bird while approaching or she will stop singing. The way that bird itself is described that it is surprising to have such a plain looking bird belting such sweet melodies is odd he does this by saying “and her renown hath made me marvel that so famed a bird should have no better dress than russet brown. Her wings would tremble in her ecstasy, and feathers stand on end, as ’twere with joy, and mouth wide open to release her heart of its out-sobbing songs.” So much pure feeling about the actual lack of visual appeal that this bird has over one of out most judging senses, yet at the same time showing that looks can be deceiving because no other bird could make the sweet songs that she does. More so than her actual appearance he refers to her nest placement and how he crawls just to catch a glimpse of her feeding her young, or to see the eggs...
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