Literary Analysis: Ways of Seeing

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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Difficulty Essay

When a person tries to comprehend what is difficult for them, they will most likely imagine a negative aspect of their life. They will think of the term “difficult” as a troubling factor for them, rather than a positive one. However, classifying something as difficult can be very beneficial for someone because it is the building blocks to overcoming the difficulty. In John Berger’s, “Ways of seeing” I found a particular aspect of the text that was difficult. Berger loves to be very descriptive in his text. Instead of skimming through the book and at least grasping the main ideas, I had to stop and imagine what Berger was trying to get through to me. In “Ways of Seeing” Berger says, “Close your eyes, move round the room and notice how the faculty of touch is like a static, limited form of sight”(98). I first read through this without a clue what he was talking about but then I put down the book for a moment and closed my eyes. Now, I did not just understand what he was talking about, but I was experiencing it. I have discovered that Berger’s writing is almost meant to be “lived” than read. He is writing about the sense of vision and this is an action that people “do” and not “think” about. I found it difficult to comprehend a lot of Berger’s topics because of this. It is a different style of reading then I am used too and it really got my brain working. A lot of topics he brought up I actually had to put myself in the character’s shoes and see it from their point of view to understand. The opening lines of “Ways of Seeing” are, “Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak”(97). Right from the first lines, I had to put myself in the shoes of a newly born child. When I read, I tend to skip over topics I find “difficult”. I like to pick out the major concepts and not have to get into great depth with the reading. I was not able to do that with “Ways of Seeing” because if I did, I would not have...
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