Literary Analysis, Thousand Slendid Suns

Topics: Taliban, Marriage, A Thousand Splendid Suns Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: March 20, 2013
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Literary Analysis of A Thousand Splendid Suns

Growing up and living in Afghanistan as a woman has its challenges. Parents choose who can marry you and they choose everything for you. In this book, Laila and Mariam both show the struggles it is to be a girl, and how much disrespect they get in Afghanistan. Both Mariam and Laila are married to the same man, and he is abusive to both of them. They also live under Taliban rule, and the rules that they set are very unfair for women. In Khaled Hosseni’s novel, he has many different themes but the most prevalent one is of woman inequality, and that is shown through multiple accounts of abuse, disrespect, and unfairness.

While living in Afghanistan, Laila and Mariam both find themselves with little freedoms. They had to stay in their houses almost all the time, and were pretty much slaves to their husbands. For the rest of Afghanistan, The freedoms for girls and women are limited or not even existent in some situations. During September of 1996, the Taliban came into control of Afghanistan. Early in there rule, they set down rules for both men and woman. As a man you only had simple rules like, “All men will grow their beards” and, “All boys will wear turbans” (248 Hosseini). But as a woman, they had rules like, “Girls are forbidden from attending school,” and “Women are forbidden from working” (249 Hosseini). Women were also not allowed to go outside without a man or they would be beaten and sent home (248). As rules normally do they cause rebellious people. As the book progresses we find out that Laila had to give up her kid to an orphanage because Rasheed and Laila could not provide for that many of people any more. As a desperate mom, Laila had to sneak to the orphanage because Rasheed would no longer take her. Many times she got caught, when she got caught, Laila was sometimes, “riddled with questions” but other times she had to deal with, “wooden clubs,...
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