Literary Analysis Term Paper for Tom Sawyer : a Classic Novel

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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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Literary Analysis Term Paper for Tom Sawyer: A Classic Novel

Mark Twain’s book is a novel that follows the juvenile life of a small boy. You will see how much fun the main character, Tom, and his friends have by skipping school, fishing, swimming, and using with their imaginations to have a good time. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a classic novel for many reasons. The plot gives us an idea about how people lived in the era the book takes place in. Readers enjoy the book because they can relate to Tom and enjoy his fun experiences. Tom is always into having a good time with his friends. It is a classic because it is enjoyable to readers of all ages, no matter what century, place, or gender you belong to.

Tom’s experiences really draw the reader into the book, making it a fun read. Twain did a really good job at expressing the way Tom felt about things. In chapter four Twain makes going to church seem endless by making the chapter endless. He just talks on and on about the Superintendent and about what happens in church. The book shows really well how people felt in that time. Tom and his friends were very superstitious. Twain stated, “He crossed a small ‘branch’ two or three times, because of a prevailing juvenile superstition that to cross water baffled pursuit,” (62). Throughout the book there is a lot of prejudice towards African Americans and slavery. This gives us more of an idea about what life was like for Tom and other people that lived during that era.

Some readers enjoy the book because they can relate to Tom and his friends and how the characters feel. Tom is very mischievous and sneaky. And readers enjoy that. Some kids don’t like school and like Tom would try really hard to get out of having to go to class. In chapter six Tom wakes up and said he has a sore toe. When that doesn’t work he complains and says that he can’t go to school because of a loose tooth. All of this just to get out of going to school. Have you ever pretended that you...
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