Literary Analysis on the Giver

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  • Published : March 28, 2010
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Outline for Literary Analysis Paper for English 230
I. Introduction:
a. Brief intro to each work—title, author’s full name, and short summary of each b. Topic (relationship with father, violence, colonialism, loss of culture and identity, personal development, role of missionaries, death of innocent, child soldiers, justice, second chances, role of women, voice, native traditions, historical accuracy) c. End with a clearly worded thesis that compares how each of the two works treats the topic. You need to focus your paper as much as possible around this one central thesis. II. Body:

a. Use evidence from the novels to support your thesis. You need to present at least three comparative points. b. Use quotes or facts from credible outside sources (not sparknotes, gradesaver, cliffnotes, shmoop, etc.) to inform your paper. i. Begin with a topic sentence that introduces the comparative point. ii. Incorporate quotations/specific details from each work. If you use quotes from the novel first and then from the other work for the first comparative point, continue to use that same pattern throughout your paper. iii. Include facts or details from sources that relate to the point you are making in the paragraph. Be sure to give the source credit. Follow MLA guidelines. iv. Tie the significance of each quote/paraphrase to your thesis. You can’t just quote from the source and expect the reader to understand why you have quoted that sentence or passage. You have to explain what makes it appropriate and how it fits in your analysis. v. Use a transition to move from talking about one work to the other. III. Conclusion:

a. Explain how reading the two works together helps you better understand the topic. i. What do you know now that you did not know before? ii. What are you still unclear about?

List of Possible Topics for Comparing...
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