Literary Analysis on Lord of the Flies

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In the first few chapters of Lord of the Flies, we learn of a group of boy’s plane crash and their struggle of surviving on a deserted island. Some of the characters step up and claim the role of a leader, such as Jack and Ralph. They form groups, and are given responsibilities such as hunting and building shelter; and try to survive with each other on the island. While reading Lord of the Flies, I have enjoyed some elements and not enjoyed other elements. Some of the elements I have enjoyed are the friendships that are forming and the boys’ ability to have leadership and to take care of themselves. An example of this is Ralph’s leadership. He is voted to be chief, and gives everyone their responsibilities and duties and makes sure things stay in order as much as he can. One element I have not enjoyed is the morbidness and the way the boys act sometimes. It is disturbing that the boys at such a young age are so focused on death. For example, Jack’s yearning to kill a pig and his outspoken aggression to the others. Another example is when one boy goes missing and no one bothers to even look for him, not much is even spoken about is disappearance. That seems very odd to me. Some allusions are beginning to surface in the first three chapters. One of the allusions is the beast. The beast is an allusion to the Garden of Evil and the serpent. It also represents the evil of human nature. So far, I have enjoyed the book thoroughly and I am interested to see what will happen next. .
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