Literary Analysis on Cinderella

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  • Published : April 4, 2009
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In my short analysis of “Cindarella”, understanding the basic concepts of the story was not as easy as I had once predicted. The author Elisabeth Panttaja explains in her essay different views and ideas in the sense that Cinderella is successful because of the magical powers created by her dead mother. The author tells that “It is not suprising . . . that modern criticism of (Cinderella) . . . has been so strangely indifferent to the roles that Cinderella’s mother plays in the story.” This to my knowledge is giving me a different view on how people thought Cinderella acted to the situations that occurred.

Cinderella’s mother plays a big role in the story indirectly and the author explains this with some other detailed information to help give the reader I better idea of how the mother affected the outcome of the story. The author clearly states that “Cinderella’s problem is precisely the fact that her mother has died.” The author is just simply stating that this is the initial problem that took place for Cinderella and what be the hardest to overcome throughout the story. Cinderella is hurt emotionally and scarred forever with the loss of her mother and this is the mood that sets the theme in place. The readers will soon realize that Cinderella is a strong person and that she will gain power from within and manage to deal with this tragic loss.

The author also gives another twist in the essay and asks the reader “is she really motherless?” The answer is no because in the real story her mother becomes figured as a hazel tree and in the birds that live on the branches. With Cinderella’s mother being a more spiritual figure it helps her deal with her struggles throughout her life. The figures and places that took place in the story are objects the resemble symbolism in the story and should be noted while reading. It is said in the essay that “Since these places of refuge continue the bird/tree symbolism, it is quite possible that we are meant to see the...
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